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Fiano rules over the Tiber Valley. Once, Fiano had its own port and a ferry used by Onorino II-the AntiPapa- when he walked towards Rome, Pasquale II prisoner of Enrico V, Lotario II and Pio II in 1464. The castle that towers over the ancient urban centre was built through various ages. In the middle of the castle there's a stately round tower that's tall 30m with hamming laces; inside it, there are many rooms that have the same original look. You enter in the old part of town passing through the Capena door: originally, the door was equipped with wooden wings and its hinges are still visible.

Castello Ducale OrsiniCastello ducale Orsini: the castle was modified many times during the Middle Age. The first change was brought in 1439, when Niccolò Orsini extended the dimensions of the castle adding the wing that appears Porta Capena, after having inherited it from Orso and Elisabetta Orsini, He added it also a sophisticated renaissance style. Castello ducale Orsini has been property - beginning from 1690- of Ottoboni, Fiano's dukes. To know something more about Fiano, visit the official site of Fiano Romano municipality .

Chiesa di Santo Stefano Nuovo: its building started beginning from the second half of the XV century, and it was reshaped in 1774. The church has three naves overcome by semicircular arches placed on travertine pillars. The altar is situated behind a triumphal arch, contained in a gable supported by two columns with corinthian capitals. At the centre there is a painting realized by Antonio del Massaro, called the Pastura. In this picture is represented Our lady out of the saints: Giovanni Battista, Stefano, Biagio and Pietro.

Chiesa di Santa Maria ad Pontem: at the south-west extremity of the town, once, came up the ancient fourteenth-century monastery of S. Maria ad Pontem. The church takes its name from the position it has, beyond the bridge on the river Tevere, compared with the Farfa Abbey that tells us its events.If you’re looking for further information about Fiano Romano click here.

Fiano Romano Neighborhoods

There are so many places that are about 5 or 20 minutes from the house. For example:
Lucus FeroniaeLucus Feroniae (Capena): Feronia Lucus(sacred hood) arises on a travertine platform, and it has ancient origins, like the Goddess cult origins, completely italian. The sanctuary at the 18th km of the Via Tiberina, next to Scorano-and 5 minutes from the B&B Al Laghetto; the exact site was found in 1953, when Prince Vittorio Massimo- Scorano castle’s owner- signaled the outcrop of archeological finds during the works.

Tivoli: : Tivoli is a small town that’s about 20 km far from Fiano Romano and it’s steeped in story, the perfect place for people that love story, visit monuments and let themselves go between the beautiful attractions.
If you’re looking for further information, go to the web site, entirely dedicated to Tivoli.

CalcataCalcata: Calcata is just a small municipality that has kept its cultural and natural property. Population increased, when at the end of 1970 people came from every part of the nation and arrived in the historical centre to live in.It should be better visit the web site of Calcata municipality if you want further information.

Il Parco di Nazzano: next to Nazzano, the park’s easily accessible passing through via Tiberina, where a street goes down towards Forestiera, or else from Nazzano you should get towards the river to reach the visit centre. The Park, managed by La montagna di Roma co-operative, promotes environment education and research program, documentation and guided tour along the routes of nature inside the Park and in Farfa Tiber reserve.

Abbazia di FarfaAbbazia di Farfa: at the beginning of ‘4oo the abbot Giovanbattista Orsini decided to build a new abbey, because of the serious conditions of the old church. The works lasted 70 years, and was consecrated in 1496 at last. The Farfa’s Abbey has three naves with a definite choir(coro), the church we can visit now was completed during the XVI° and XVII° century. For further information visit the Farfa's Abbey official website.

Moreover, you could even visit the important centre of Capena that’s not so far from Fiano Romano, Castelnuovo di Porto , Monterotondo with it’s shopping centre.

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