Al Laghetto Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast Al Laghetto is a pretty country house that‘s deeply into a 5.500 mq large garden, placed on a peaceful hill of olives trees, at the gates of Rome.
The house, placed in a governing position, has simple furnishings that allows to spend relaxed time. From spacious wooden porch, you’re delighted by the view that spreads from Monterotondo to Terminillo.

Bed & Breakfast Al Laghetto puts disposal at guests, businessmen and tourists large spaces: you’re having the fabulous opportunity to stay in comfortable rooms, to stop and rest in a welcoming living room with fireplace. Here, you can have breakfast or spend a night watching the tv, or else spend nice nights in the porch; the perfect place for who wants to find peacefulness out again, the perfect meeting place where to spend relaxed moments, reflection instants and discover all the old Italian traditions.

Bed & and Breakfast is very close to tourist places, and our wish is contributing to let people know about those places not so far from Rome. The bed and Breakfast "Al Laghetto” is characterized by the hospitality that Mrs Franca keeps aside for every single guest.

Fiano Romano

Fiano rules over the Tiber Valley. Once, Fiano had its own port and a ferry used by Onorino II-the AntiPapa- when he walked towards Rome, Pasquale II prisoner of Enrico V, Lotario II and Pio II in 1464. The castle that towers over the ancient urban centre was built through various ages. In the middle of the castle there’s a stately round tower that’s tall 30m with hamming laces; inside it, there are many rooms that have the same original look. You enter in the old part of town passing through the Capena door: originally, the door was equipped with wooden wings and its hinges are still visible.
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